• Course Duration: 9am - 1pm, four days per week
    (Monday-Thursday), for three years (1600 hours)
  • Accreditation: ATE UK (Alexander Technique Education UK)
  • Course Fee: £1300 per term, 3 terms per year
  • Course Size: Limited to 10 students

Course Location:

Moulsham Mill,

Park Way,

Special Requirements

There are no educational requirements, no written work and no examinations. Instead, EACAT applies a continuous assessment approach to student development. The experiential learning approach is informal, yet strongly traditional, as it would have been in F.M. Alexander’s time.

After all, Alexander believed you could not learn in unhappy conditions. It is said that one day, when trainee teachers arrived for Alexander’s training course looking very glum, he ordered them to walk around the park until they could come back smiling!

For an EACAT application form, Contact course director, Sandra Waller, Tel. 01245 608268, email