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13th June  - 18th July 2022

Alexander Technique in MotionDiscover your full movement potential with the Alexander Technique

Discover your full movement potential with Kirstie Richardson & the Alexander Technique

The aim: to bring a sense of poise and playfulness back into everyday living.
This six week course of one and half hour sessions will look at enhancing balance, co-ordination and ease of movement. By working in a small group, participants will explore habitual movement patterns through simple exercises and games. Each week the emphasis will focus on a different aspect of the musculature and skeletal structure. Open to all levels.

Monday 13th June        Week One:       Alignment & Poise

Monday 20th June        Week Two:       Micro & Macro movements

Monday 27th June        Week Three:     Suppleness & Flow

Monday 4th July            Week Four:      Energy & Direction

Monday 11th July           Week Five:      Spirals & Balance

Monday 18th July          Week Six:        Being

Where:           East Anglia Centre for Alexander Technique - EACAT

Time:               11-12.30                     

Cost:                £90 for six sessions

What are the Benefits?  Alexander Technique is especially beneficial to those suffering with back pain. By taking a course of lessons you will learn to: reduce stiffness and pain, move more efficiently, exercise more effectively, prevent strain and injury, combat stress and become calmer, have better posture without force, improve breathing and voice, control balance and stability, and enhance your confidence and vitality.

To book a place on  AIM-Alexander Technique in Motion, or to find out more about having one to one lessons, or if you’d simply like to know more about the Alexander Technique and training opportunities call Sandra Waller (Head of Training at EACAT) Tel. 01245 608268 or Mob: 07799 232314. E-mail: sandrawaller161@btinternet.com

Please note places are limited to early booking is advised.  A £15 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.


20th Sept  - 23rd Oct 2021

Back in Touch - Event

A celebration event for the 10th anniversary inception of ATE and the 11th anniversary of our training course at EACAT

10 am -3pm Arrive from 9.30am.

Venue:  Conference room, Moulsham Mill.

Mon: 10am Welcome Address followed by Semi Supine talk through.

  • 10.30 - 11.30am Hands on work.
  • 11.30 Guided activity.
  • 12oclock Lunch (please bring a packed lunch)
  • 1pm -2.30pm Speaker slot. Jane Gregory on Taking Time.
  • 2.30pm Closing thoughts to share.
  • 3pm Finish.

Tuesday: As Monday. Speaker slot. Susan Green presenting excerpts from The Movement Book by Ken Thompson in tribute to Ken and Angela's contribution to our work. There will be practical elements in this session.

Wednesday: As Monday. Speaker slot. An Audience with Angela Thompson

Thursday: As Monday with a celebration of our organisation from 1pm onwards. This will include food, cake and music!!!

Tea, coffee, herbal tea and biscuits will be supplied throughout the week, but if you feel that you would like to bring buffet items for the end of week celebration that would be great. This event is free to our members and students of EACAT, however if you wish to invite family, friends or pupils, there will be a small charge to these folk of £35 per day.This event coincides with our 10th anniversary of the inception of ATE UK and 11th anniversary of our training course EACAT.